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Our NEW Online Gift Card Fundraiser

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We have INCREDIBLE news! We are very excited to announce that we are unveiling our NEW online gift card fundraiser. This will allow schools and other non profit organizations to partner with America’s Incredible Pizza Company and start a gift card sale online. Once the gift card sale is completed, the school or non profit organization will get to KEEP 30% OF THE PROCEEDS! How INCREDIBLE is that!?

This is SO easy to facilitate, all you have to do is:

  1. Call our groups department at 918.294.8671 and explain you’d like to start an online gift card sale fundraiser with us.
  2. Sit back and let us create a special customized website link for your organization.
  3. Promote this link as much as you can on your social media pages or where ever you see fit.
  4. Raise a TON of money for your organization & have FUN while doing so!

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Don’t forget to call our groups department at 918.294.8671 to set up your online gift card fundraiser TODAY! 

The Incredible Pizza Company Foundation

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The Incredible Pizza Company Foundation (IPC Foundation) was founded in the Fall of 2007 by Incredible Pizza Company (IPC) owners, Rick and Cheryl Barsness. They founded the IPC Foundation with the sole purpose to donate money to missionaries and orphanages across the nation. Two specific examples of very large donations through the IPC Foundation include; $24,000 to the Convoy of Hope, a non profit organization and $6500 to Care to Learn, a fund managed by the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools.

To learn more about the IPC Foundation, please visit the Community page located under (Our Story) on our website.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page and website for more information on our latest promotions.

The Tulsa Zoo Run was INCREDIBLE!

tulsa zoo runWe had an amazing time at the Tulsa Zoo Run in October 2015. This was one of our favorite past times. The Tulsa Zoo Run is a family friendly race, it includes a 5k, 10k, and 1 mile run. It is the second oldest running event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This event strongly benefits the Tulsa Zoo.

We, along with approximately 10 other vendors, donated our time and food to the runners at the finish line. We prepared 1800 gluten free peanut butter no bake cookies to give out. It was such a joy to see our cookies bring smiles to these kids’ faces.

 To learn more about how you can help out the Tulsa Zoo, visit: http://tulsazoo.org/support-us/volunteer/

If you’d like to learn more about all of the other non profit organizations we assist, please stay tuned on our website and Facebook page for more information. 

Tulsa’s Incredible Pizza Company LOVES St. Jude


st jude run thank you signThe St. Jude Children’s Hospital has an annual walk every year. These kids have already been through so much in their lives. St Jude treats children with cancer and blood-related disorders, including treatment for hemophilia, leukemia, thalassemia, lymphoma, anemias, solid tumors, platelet disorder, brain tumors, and sickle cell anemia. This past year, 2015, we sponsored St. Jude and also had a walk team of just over 10 people who raised money for the annual St. Jude walk. This was so much fun to be a part of and was extremely self rewarding.

Getting involved in our community is by far one the best things we can do as a company and we very much enjoy doing so. If you would like to get involved or make a donation to St. Jude, visit: https://secure3.4agoodcause.com/mercy-health-foundations/gift.aspx?id=1.

For more information on other non-profit organization that we assist, please stay tuned on our Facebook page and website.

Start 2016 Off Right: Give Back

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We can’t say how thankful we are to be a company that is able to give so much back to our community. Each year we give thousands of dollars in prize donations, game cards, and sponsorships back to various non profits organizations within our community. 

Our vision statement states, “Families and friends come together at America’s Incredible Pizza Company for incredible experiences and fun memories, bringing them back again and again. We are actively involved with children providing a positive influence in their lives. Who we hire is the most important decision we make.We promote a strong, fun work ethic, encouraging the development of good moral character and values. We provide a fun environment for training, developing, recognizing and rewarding our employees with the goal of promoting from within. We maintain our reputation as the industry leader with unique and innovative ideas for bringing families together through great food, fun, family and friends.” In order to abide by this we strive to be as philanthropic as possible and because we are a company that brings families together, we want to show these families we “pay it forward” and others can too!

We want to start 2016 off right. Each week, in the month of January, we will highlight a different non-profit organization we support. We will discuss what we’ve done and what these non-profits are all about.

Stay tuned on our website and Facebook pages for more information and ways that you can get involved!

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